crunchy apple & red cabbage coleslaw with honey-sesame dressing

If it’s true that people eat with their eyes first, then this dish should already get those taste buds salivating, as our crunchy apple & red cabbage coleslaw with honey sesame dressing is sure to be love at first sight! Besides looking pretty all by itself, it’s perfectly crunchy, slightly tangy and sweet and not drenched in dressing, which is exactly what a good coleslaw should be in our opinion ;)

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special ops: splatter screen

If my kitchen were a battlefield (and sometimes it can be when I’m cooking for a crowd), then the knives would be my swords, the spatula my other weapon for mass destruction, and the splatter screen my shield of armor. The splatter screen’s fine mesh combats grease splatters and even erupting bolognese sauce, protecting the stove, kitchens walls, and most importantly, me! Those of you who’ve fried up bacon, pork chops, fish & chips, or seared meat know that what a messy and painful experience it can be, even if the end result is super yummy =P

And just like everything else in life, splatter screens come in all different shapes and sizes… each with its own price tag.

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food finds: piment d'Espelette

If ever there was a spice that Chef Caals absolutely could not live without, it would be his dearest piment d’Espelette. Just about every one of his dishes got a pinch (or two) of it and every time, Chef would ask us, Pourquoi pas? “Why not?” Being that he was trained by Master Chef Alain Ducasse we had very little doubt that he knew what he was doing. And naturally, of course, once we tasted his food, whatever doubt we had disappeared faster than the food on our plates =P

The Espelette pepper is a variety of chili pepper originally from Mexico brought over to the Basque Country by French seamen who accompanied Christopher Columbus on his voyages across the Atlantic. These prized peppers have since been cultivated in the town of Espelette in Southern France and have been deemed so worthy as to merit the AOC (Appellation d’origine contrôlée) certification. AOC products, like Champagne and Roquefort cheese, have strict agricultural standards set forth by the French government to preserve the traditional methods of production and insure consistence in quality. Needless to say, this is not your average chili pepper.

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fresh corn salad with summer stone fruit

With summertime just around the corner, the place to be is outdoors… gather the whole family together for a backyard barbecue or a picnic in the park! There’s no better way to celebrate than relishing in the freshest fruits and vegetables of the season, and this dish does that oh, so well =P You can use either white or yellow corn in this salad, but I much prefer the sweet, almost honey-like, taste of white corn. Its sweetness plays nicely with the tartness of the limes =)

What I love about this salad is the many different twists and turns you can take to make it your own. I usually make this salad with white peaches or nectarines (whichever one happens to look better that day) and pair it with a crisp, white wine, but you can use just about any summer stone fruit you like. Cherries would be just as good (but remember to remove the pits before tossing them in the salad) or even plums or pluots.

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conversion tables & equivalent measures

metric US  
7 g 1/4 oz  
10 g 1/3 oz  
15 g 1/2 oz  
30 g 1 oz  
85 g 3 oz  
metric US  
100 g 3 3/4 oz  
115 g 4 oz 1/4 lb
225 g 8 oz 1/2 lb
340 g 12 oz 3/4 lb
450 g 16 oz 1 lb

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