graduation (a new beginning)

WE DID IT!!  It’s hard to believe just nine months ago, we were a bunch of strangers gathering in the Winter Garden, clueless as to what laid ahead of us.  The only thing we all had in common was a shared love for all things FOOD.  Now, here we were, together as a family of newly graduating chefs from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris!

All of our hard work and dedication paid off when even the chefs stood up and applauded us.  I think we really made them proud! 

I have made so many friends from all around the world here and I really hope these friendships last a lifetime.  We all went through hardships here and made it through to the very end and that special bond we all shared together is unique and irreplaceable.  I know I can’t speak for everyone, but my experience at Le Cordon Bleu has definitely been life-changing.  Cooking has always been my passion in life and going to culinary school just reaffirmed everything for me.  I took a leap of faith in the beginning and safely landed on the other side =)  Going back to my 9-5 job will no longer be an option for me, that’s for sure =P  Somehow, someday, I will make my culinary dreams come true ;)   Be on the lookout, world!

P.S.  I’m so looking forward to our 10-year reunion somewhere in the French countryside… at a private chateau or castle perhaps? In the meantime, keep on cooking, sharing recipes, and of course, eating! =D

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