for the love of farce

Intermediate Cuisine is all about the farce, and I’m not talking about a humorous play.   Farce in the culinary world means a type of forcemeat stuffing.  Forcemeat… such a lovely word, no? =P  The name is actually quite literal in an unappetizing way, in that we really do force meat into whatever it is that we’re stuffing, and often times, we end up stuffing something with itself, be it fish, poultry, or cabbage… and yes, I did say cabbage ><

So far in the past couple weeks, we’ve stuffed trout with morel mushrooms, smoked salmon with poached salmon, cabbage with itself and ground meat, and for dessert, an empty meringue shell stuffed with strawberry granita.  And if it’s not stuffed, it’s wrapped, like our Basque-style chicken saute wrapped in proscuitto, which turned out to be one of the tastiest dishes I’ve made and actually brought back home with me =)  It also just so happened to be like the only dish we’ve made that didn’t involve any additions of butter or cream, only olive oil… amazing, right?

Back in pastry, we returned to chocolate, only this time it took on the disguise of mousse, in our Heavenly Chocolate and Pleasure Cakes.  (Don’t let the names fool you, cause they weren’t exactly that heavenly and pleasurable… just loaded with sugar and cream ><)  The always entertaining Chef JJ continued with his free-style cakes and awesome decorating skills that can only be best described as ridiculously unconventional =P  One of his cakes actually appeared to be sporting a biohazard symbol!  As Ben would say, “Step away from the cake, sir.” HAHA!

We finally ended our incredible chocolate streak on Friday with savory petit fours, including puff pastry wrapped chorizo, pate, cocktail sausages, bacon wrapped prunes, mini pizzas, and cheese straws.  It was a nice break from all the sugar, but of course, we couldn’t escape from the butter =P

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