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Now, I do believe in the whole ‘practice makes perfect’ way of learning, but seriously, after a certain number of tries, you’ll inevitably lose interest.  Every lesson in cuisine is another chance to make some sort of jus, and it’s always the same old story… brown the bones, sweat the aromatics, de-grease, de-glaze, add stock, and reduce, reduce, reduce.  At times, I feel like I’ve traveled back in time to my college years when I was trying to stay awake in combinatorics class, trying to figure out how many different combinations of jus I can possibly make with a variety of animal carcasses, aromatics, and stock all at my disposal.  I mean, come on now, there has to be more to French cuisine than the ever pervasive jus!

And the same thing goes for pastry class as well… mousse, mousse, mousse, all around… spread out on a layer of omnipresent dacquoise cake.  Can you blame a girl for losing interest?

Thank goodness for the salted caramels that came mid-week!  I gotta say, they were such a breath of fresh air, but honestly, I would have been down for anything that wasn’t accompanied by a mousse =P

Now, of course the positive outcome of all this is that I’ve lost interest in the foods I make, which means I’m no longer clogging my arteries with large doses of butter and cream.  If I can keep this up, I’ll actually be able to return to my pre-LCB weight =P  Here’s hoping ;)

Taking a much needed break from too much French cuisine, I met up with some friends for Chinese food at Auberge des Trois Bonheurs on Rue Saint Honore in the 1er arrondissement.  The braised tofu, fried rice, and baby bok choy were all very typical, run-of-the-mill dishes, but the crispy duck was seriously good eats =D

I  actually finished an entire bowl of steamed rice that night… which was a first for me, cause I’m definitely not much of a rice person.  I guess that just goes to show you how much I miss home and my mom’s unbeatable home-cooking =P

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