70% bittersweet

Like I said, last week’s only pastry lesson in chocolate was just the beginning… for the next couple weeks, chocolate would be the sole ingredient on our recipe lists.  The cacao bean would haunt our dreams at night and makes our lives a living hell during the day.  Our pastry chefs considered the art of tempering chocolate to be such an important and essential skill for us budding chefs to possess that half of our final exam grade would be based off of our very own chocolate creation.  And so, in these next couple weeks, we had no choice but to pull up our sleeves and get tempering!

Once we got the tempering down, molding the chocolate was cakewalk. 

Needless to say of course, there was assembly required… and that, unfortunately, was another nightmare.  This was the part where disaster could strike!  Let’s just say the level of risk of directly proportional to the height =P

With chocolate ingrained into our brains the entire week, having cuisine classes on side was such a relief.  The change of pace was definitely quite refreshing!  The lamb rib roast with artichoke puree and hazelnut oil was just what I needed after a three-hour practical tempering 70% bittersweet chocolate. 

Our menu lesson the next day was filled with even more goodies… deep-fried soft-boiled egg with chevril cream and sauteed wild mushrooms (YUM!), bacon-wrapped seared tuna filet, and puff pastry with berries and cream for dessert.  Seriously now, how can you go wrong with that!?  Sometimes when life gets too sweet, all you need is a little bit of savory to balance it out (and you’re good to go!) ;)

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