Give the Gift of Cooking - Cooking Class Gift Certificates

Cooking Class Gift Certificates

If there is one activity that is guaranteed never to go out of style, it’s food preparation. We have to eat, right? Today, celebrity chefs have elevated the status of knowing how to cook well to new heights and many of us know that it’s not that difficult to prepare quality meals at home in the time it takes to order a takeout meal and bring it home again. What we lack is concrete knowledge as to just how to do it – a few basic skills that will make being in the kitchen a joy. That’s where cooking classes come in.

If you look around your area, you might just be surprised how many cooking schools there are. Nowadays, many cooking classes offer gift certificates, too, which makes gift giving easier than ever.

Try searching for “Cooking Class Gift Certificates” in your area. Internet search engines will generate links to all sorts of places where you can learn to cook and share your passion with friends and loved ones when you give them gift certificates for cooking classes. Web listings will tell you whether these are demonstration only classes or opportunities to get your hands in there and learn by doing.

Some cooking classes encourage you to stay afterward and eat what you’ve cooked, together with your fellow classmates, encouraging you to bring beverages or even supplying them for you.

Almost every cooking school nowadays offers gift certificates and it’s a terrific way to give that person you love a chance to enhance their skills or get past their beginner jitters and develop what is sure to become a lifelong love of cooking. And all for the price of a gift certificate!

You can buy gift certificates for series of classes or just individual one night offerings. The selection of cooking classes is myriad when it comes to ethnic specialties, such as Italian, French, Moroccan, Latin American, Mexican, Greek, Cajun, Asian, Sicilian, Creole, Spanish – the list goes on and on. Wouldn’t you just love to receive a gift certificate for a cooking class like that? Perhaps your cooking interest lies in certain specialties, such as sushi, pastry and other desserts, confections, artisanal bread-making, vegetarian, afternoon teas, breakfasts and brunches, curries, even barbecue. There are even classes to learn to cook for your beloved dog!

Specialty classes may include knife skills (learn to chop like a pro) and meat-handling where you learn handy things like how to bone a fish, and cut up a whole chicken or side of beef—how you cut can really affect how tender the pieces are and how easily you can prepare them.

Cooking class gift certificates are a terrific idea at any skill level. And wouldn’t that make a fabulous wedding gift? It’s even possible to purchase a gift certificate for a private lesson for one or two people or perhaps two couples. Or bring the kids!

There is a tremendous advantage to taking a cooking class over perusing a cookbook or recipes on the web. There is no substitute for hands on experience when it comes to mastering cooking techniques. Having the chef there to explain the hows and whys of choosing ingredients, measuring, knife selection, what tools are best for what types of cooking – all these are what set a cooking class well above reading a simple recipe. They make it so enjoyable that you’ll want to do it again and again.

Having a professional there to guide you can build your confidence when it comes to creativity in your cooking, someone who can instruct you how to plan a menu, present the dish so it looks its best when you’re entertaining – all the nuances you don’t get when you’re struggling in the kitchen all by yourself, unsure if a cup of sifted flour means a cup of flour that needs to be sifted or whether you need to sift it before you measure it. (Answer: in this case, it’s a cup measured after it’s been sifted.)

So, the next time you’re struggling to come up with an extra-special gift for your family and friends, that special co-worker, your child’s favorite teacher, or any newly engaged or married couple, consider giving them a gift certificate for a cooking class, something they’ll always remember. And, while you’re at it, sign up for a class yourself. You’ll love it!

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