favorite things: ramekins

There’s something about getting your own individual dessert at the end of a meal that makes everybody at the table giddy. Perhaps it’s the warm feeling we get just thinking about devouring the entire thing by ourselves… or, for all of us romantics out there, we’d like to think the dessert was made especially just for us by the chef. Secretly though, on the inside, we’re just excited we don’t have to share ;)

Thank goodness for these little individual baking dishes that can hold both sweet and savory foods, be it baked or chilled, and go straight from the oven to the table. No doubt, ramekins rank pretty high up on my list of favorite things. I got my 4-ounce ramekins at Pier 1 for $0.99 each… they are durable and dishwasher safe. (Note that some stores label these as 6-ounce ramekins, since they do hold up to 6-ounces when you fill them up past the outer rim.) You can use any size or shape ramekin you like, but I think these particular ramekins provide just the right amount for one serving of creme brulee and the outer rim lets you gauge how much liquid you need to balance the burnt sugar-to-custard ratio. I also use these to make individual chocolate lava cakes, since sharing is definitely out of the question for that one =P

My original ramekin collection started out with just four of these from Pier 1, which over the years has somehow managed to multiply (into various shapes and sizes) to more than I can count on my fingers and toes =P One year for Thanksgiving dinner, I decided to make mini pumpkin creme brulees, which I couldn’t have done without these cutest little 2-ounce ramekins from HIC.

For souffles, I prefer to use taller ramekins, at least 2.5″ tall. BIA Cordon Bleu makes these 10-ounce tall ramekins for individual souffles, but I think it serves enough for two; i.e., perfect for couples ;) When I’m not making souffle, I put these ramekins to good use… they’re now sitting beautifully on my kitchen counter. What’s inside? One holds garlic and another shallots! Just gotta remember to wash them before making any more souffle =P

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